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Live Blackjack Online – Play Blackjack with Live Dealer

Live blackjack is the most popular table game in a casino. But it’s far from perfect. That’s why so many players move to online tables. You can play for cents if you like. And from your own couch!

Have you never tried live blackjack online? We can promise you one thing: online blackjack live dealer is an experience you will want to have again and again.

Later we will be looking at how and where you can play live blackjack but let’s start with why.

Benefits of Playing Live Blackjack Online

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  • Amazing range of games
  • Fast payouts
  • Fair bonus system

Here are top reasons why it’s worth trying blackjack online.

play blackjack online

  • Online is easy. Maybe you’re not a strategy expert. You are just getting into online games. In any case, load up a low-stakes live blackjack table, get a hand chart and follow the optimal strategy.
  • Online is cheap. While we are on a subject of low-stakes, blackjack can be even cheaper than most online slots. So, even the new players can enjoy hours of fun at blackjack.
  • Online is with you. All the time. You have a smartphone, laptop, a computer at home. Anyone who has access to the internet can play live blackjack real money games anywhere, anytime.

Quick Tips To Play Live Blackjack


Beginners often make mistakes that reduce the chances of having a profitable evening. It’s not a wide range of mistakes. So, keep these few key mistakes in mind, try to avoid them in your game, and you’re already in a good position.

Keep within your bankroll. No matter if the casino doesn’t have any lower-stakes games, if you can’t afford it – don’t play any higher. Besides, there are many other casinos. You can always find low-stakes games. If you play $0.10 per hand, $50 is a safe bankroll to play.

Don’t chat if you lose focus. A dealer’s job is to deal cards as well as to entertain the players. They will ask where you are from and how your evening is going. But if that means you can’t focus on playing well in the game, don’t chat with the dealer.

Be cautious. Where to play live blackjack is an important question. Even if you have a great casino you play at, think why is it good. Do they reward you for your loyalty? Are there reload bonuses?

  • Excellent Software
  • Wide range of games and payment methods

Where to find online blackjack live dealer games

blackjack live dealer

So, while we’re on a subject of where you can play, we would like to offer you a couple of places. What you probably want is:

1) Great games (preferably emphasis on blackjack)

2) Nice and chatty dealers (because the alternative is horrible)

3) Rewards (loyalty as well as via weekly and monthly promotions).

Luckily, most top casinos online will have all of these covered. Though, sometimes you might need to sacrifice one for the other.

For example, is a well-regarded casino running online for 20 years. One of its biggest strengths is not being shy of rewarding players. has an astounding VIP program, plus an endless supply of weekly promotions. But in terms of blackjack, they only have one game with a live dealer.

  • Excellent Software
  • Wide range of games and payment methods

And in the case of other mammoths in the casino industry, you get live blackjack games of every shape and size. Chances are, they also have the best dealers. But what they have as bonuses will not always be considered the best of what industry has to offer.

Smaller casinos may not have a large variety of games and maybe even less in bonuses. But it is all ever-changing. Tomorrow some unknown name could come up with a bonus that blows away and the rest of competition. We’ll have eyes wide open to catch these kinds of bonuses the first ones.

But don’t be afraid to explore yourself!