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Live Blackjack – Where to Play Blackjack Live in 2019

Have you ever played live blackjack at a casino?

Those who have will know how exciting it can be to sit down in front of a dealer. And who can say no to the selection of delicious free drinks? However, you may also know that this is not a perfect way to play. In fact, many professionals only play live blackjack online and never even plan to set foot at a land-based casino.

Not surprisingly, for a beginner, it’s even worse.

The games are way too fast. Not to mention that even $500 at a casino is a rather small bankroll. Partly because the excitement of playing live often takes over and impedes on your ability to play a perfect game.

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Online, however, this changes dramatically. You can play with strategy cheat sheets if you want. If the action is too fast, you can skip every other hand.

Your game, your rules.

While the issue of the bankroll – $500 makes you almost a high-roller.

And hey, if you really want a free drink, we bet there is some beer in the fridge.

Keep in mind, we are not saying you will automatically win online. But if you know how to play live blackjack, your chances of success are much higher online than at a brick and mortar casino.

How to Play Live Blackjack at an Online Casino

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We have already briefly touched on this. First, you must know the strategy. Though, you don’t need to memorize everything. Online you can practice for free and also can prepare all the resource materials in advance. If you keep them by your side, playing optimal live blackjack becomes fool-proof.

You shouldn’t also forget about bonuses. It’s not part of the blackjack rules but when you play online, bonuses are a large part of how you should play. As a casino game, blackjack doesn’t have a massive house edge.

But there is a lot of variance or volatility. Meaning that despite having almost a 50% chance to win, you can go through long streaks of hitting blackjacks or losing utterly to the dealer’s 16s and 17s. That’ why bonuses are crucial for an online player. You can stretch out your play significantly just by getting a bonus.

Note: not all bonuses are suitable for live blackjack online. Check whether the bonus you are about to get is available for live casino games (here’s a great list of live casino bonuses available online). Unless, of course, you get your hands on an exclusive live blackjack or roulette bonus.

Which brings us to casinos.

  • Excellent Software
  • Wide range of games and payment methods

Best Live Blackjack Casinos to Play at in 2019

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A ton of casinos now offers live casino games, predominantly live blackjack and roulette. But each may offer a dramatically different experience for you as a player.

Big-brand casinos are always a good choice to play. Most of them have been around for 15 or 20 years and understand players very well. For instance, Paddy Power, Unibet, and a few others.

At these casinos, it’s hard to be disappointed. Not only they have VIP programs to reward you and virtually every method available for withdrawals, but there is so much more. Promotions, they have something for everyone. At all times.

But what about smaller casinos? Are they not worth your time?

As long as they offer live blackjack, casinos are worthy of at least checking out. Think about it from their perspective. Smaller live blackjack casinos all want to grow. In order to do that, they need players. Players respond to exposure – social media promotions, exclusive bonuses, holiday giveaways.

But that will only get you players through the door. There is so much competition around. To grow, you need to be better. To offer more. To be able to resolve issues quickly.

Unibet Casino

  • Players can choose from two different casinos
  • Large selection including sports betting, poker, Live casino, and online casino games

Take for example Trada Casino or Royal Panda Casino. They are growing but only through offering a superb quality service. New players come here for bonuses but stay because both of these casino brands have easy-to-use platforms, the best games online and top support teams. Not to mention games on your smartphone and tablet.