Live Casino Online – Best Casinos to Play in Real Time

live casino online

Have you ever felt intimidated by playing in a live casino setting? Perhaps the casino is just too far away from your home?

For millions of players worldwide live casino online became the best way to play. There are many live casino games online to choose from with none of the drawbacks.

No drunken gamblers.

No overcrowded casino tables.

And if you want a free drink, you only need to go as far as your own fridge.

However, a bad experience playing live casino games is possible and could ruin your day.

That’s why we encourage you to only play at the top casinos.

What is a Live Casino and How do You Play Online?

You may have heard live casino online being called live dealer games. It is a type of online casino games which are streamed from a live casino. Needless to say, these games offer a completely different experience from any other game you can find online.

live casino dealer

Firstly, if you are used to playing slots and video poker, the main difference is the pace of play. On slots, you can leave the game open and get yourself a pizza at any point. In a live casino online situation, you can’t set the tempo. Often, there will be many more players on a stream (for example, on roulette) with the dealer dictating the actions.

Also, this is not a direct feed from the main lobby of your local casino. The games are streamed from a closed-off part of the casino. So, the games are quiet while all of the attention is on you.

Though, it’s not as quiet as playing alone. While you can’t speak to the dealer, you can use the chat. The dealer then reads the messages out loud and answers them.

Which is one of the main reasons to play live games at the top casinos online. You get the best dealers to chat with.

How Expensive is it to Enter Live Casino Games?

Let’s just say, not much more than slots or any other games. Of course, it differs from casino to casino. But you shouldn’t have trouble finding $0.10c per hand or $0.20 per hand live casino blackjack games. You can also play at high-roller tables.

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Royal Panda Review
2 Mr. Green Casino Review
3 Leo Vegas Casino Review
4 Review
5 NetBet Casino Review
6 Mansion Casino Review
7 Paddy Casino Review

What Live Casino Games Online Can You Play?

types of live casino games

A top casino online should have at least 8-10 games. Live casino games go from traditional roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, to mini-baccarat, casino hold’em, French roulette and other games.

We already mentioned the exclusive VIP tables if you prefer to play with other high-roller players. But on the regular tables, you can bet almost any amount you want. The dealers call out actions but don’t handle the bets. This is the virtual part of playing live. You get 15-30 seconds for each action which you perform on a virtual table on your screen. The dealer doesn’t even know how much you bet.

Must-Try Top Live Casinos in 2019

Why would you ever choose anything else but the top live casinos?

You get the best variety of games, the friendliest and chattiest dealers, and the best interface. So, which ones are the top casinos?

If you are looking for exact brands, we can safely say that the best places to offer a superb live casino online experience are: – one of the first online casinos that grew up to an industry giant. There are 12 live casino online games you can play.

  • Excellent Software
  • Wide range of games and payment methods

NetBet – a superb and fun casino with a zillion of promotions

NetBet Casino

  • Great Slots Games!
  • Mobile Apps

Paddy Casino – a casino with tons of gambling experiences and a wide variety of games.

Paddy Casino

  • Provides a Tips & Strategy section
  • Offers every type of casino game and features imaginable
  • Accepts PayPal

There you go. Don’t be shy and test out the casinos for yourself.

However, there is a bit more to picking a top casino to play live games online. If you are going to play for a while, look whether the casino has any great promotions. One-off offers and loyalty rewards are great. That’s how you can help your chances of having a winning night.

And while you’re on it, make sure they actually have your favourite games. That’s the most important, isn’t it?