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Slotomania: Enjoy Gamblers’ Favourite Slots If you like slot machines, then you’ll love Slotomania. It is a site purely for fans of slot machines as it offers no other casino...
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Slotomania: Enjoy Gamblers’ Favourite Slots

slotomaniaIf you like slot machines, then you’ll love Slotomania. It is a site purely for fans of slot machines as it offers no other casino games. It is not a casino as much as it is a slot machine experience and you lay using Slotomania coins, the site’s own currency. Read on to find out more about this popular slots site.

What is Slotomania?

Slotomania was launched in 2010 as a social media slot machine site. You can join the site in an ordinary way or you can log in via Facebook. This allows you to invite friends to join and compete with you. There is a huge selection of slot machines, over 140, to choose from and there’s plenty of entertainment to be had.

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Royal Panda Review
2 Mr. Green Casino Review
3 Leo Vegas Casino Review
4 Review

Some of the slot machines at Slotomania include:

  • Enchanted Oz
  • Arabian Tales
  • Queen of the Desert
  • Pets of the Living Dead
  • Mermaid Money
  • Around the World in 80 Days

Normal currency is not used on Slotomania. You use Slotomania coins for playing. There are Slotomania free coins to be had or you can buy your own coins.

As well as being a place to play slot machine games, Slotomania is also a place for fans of the games. There’s plenty of information about different kinds of slot machine and news about new games which have been released. If you join their Facebook group, the discussion never ends among slots fans.

As it is a social media experience, Slotomania can be played on mobile devices too. It makes sense that the device most people use for looking at Facebook can also be used for Slotomania. There is an app which can be downloaded for Android or iOS devices. The app works on phones such as iPhones as well as tablets, including an iPad. There is also an app for Windows mobile devices. Games can be played on your PC in instant play mode too.

Slotomania bonuses and how to play

Playing at Slotomania is a different slot machine experience and you don’t just choose which game to play. There is a tournament vibe to the whole thing and this allows friendly competition or leagues with friends to be set up. Initially you will receive 10,000 Slotomania coins. These are Slotomania free coins and additional coins will require you to pay. The first game you start with is Farm Fortune.

Each game has a variety of stages and levels and in order to complete a game, you must achieve a certain number of things. You can read more about these on Slotomania’s website. Once you ‘level up’, as it’s called, you will unlock a new slot machine and you can continue playing.

The 10,000 Slotomania coins you are initially rewarded with should last a while, but they won’t last forever, even with a series of big wins. More coins can be bought, and it costs just £2 for 11,250 and £50 for a total of 405,000 coins.

As you play at Slotomania, you gain experience points. These help you to progress through games at a faster speed, and as you unlock levels, you will be rewarded with different bonuses or rewards. These include:

  • You will be able to wager more on a game
  • There can be different bonuses after every 3 hours of game play and the number of available bonuses will increase
  • Better features, such as sticky wilds and respins, will be available
  • Larger jackpots will become available
  • You will be given extra spins
  • Your Slotomania coins balance can be enhanced and there will be extra coins given to you each day
  • You can gain access to Slotomania’s VIP programme and can get your own VIP account manager.

Slotomania conclusion

Slotomania combines slot machines and competition and gives the whole experience a video game feeling. It is a different way to play slots for fun and a fantastic opportunity to discover new slot machine games. You don’t need to be a Facebook user to enjoy Slotomania, but it will add to the experience. Being a part of the Slotomania community can be as fun as playing the games.


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