WSOP Free Chips Hack: get Thousands of Them For Free

Careful! Like you, thousands of online poker players run out of chips and want to know how to get free chips on WSOP. Which resulted in many scams and fake solutions flood the internet.  

WSOP logoBest case scenario, you’ll have to download a small program. By doing so, you will earn someone else a couple of dollars in ad revenue, while getting NOTHING yourself. Worst case scenario, the file you will have to download will contain viruses or tracking software.

So we set out to help people like you (and us). WSOP has tens of millions of players. There has got to be a working hack!

So far, we tried a dozen of different programs and online hacks. Only one seems to be working 100% of the time.

Here’s the problem.

Once the developers know that a hack exists, it’s only a matter of time before the plug the leak. If they don’t, games like WSOP lose thousands of dollars every day.

So, if you’re in a rush, go straight to the WSOP free chips page.

But if you want to know more how these hacks work and how to recognize a true hack versus a scam, read on. Below we discuss all of that.

How to get free chips on WSOP

Fake hacks were not necessarily fake when they were discovered (or created). Some of them are, but not all. WSOP is a brand known all over the world for their poker tournament series.

They have all the necessary resources to track in-app changes, forum threads and YouTube videos.

Any free coin hack bleeds money out of the WSOP’s bank account. Naturally, they are interested in stopping it in every possible way.

That’s how you get this ’sandwich’. On one side these is the founder/creator of that hack, trying to make it as popular as he or she can. On the other side there is the brand that dedicated all of its resources to catch these hacks.

And then there’s you, trying to find the hackers faster than the brands.

Seems like a losing race? Yes, the odds are stacked against you.

Changing the .APK file

But what about changing the .apk file before the app updates?

You can, but you are not very likely to succeed. At least for long. Here’s why.

One-time changes don’t work long-term on online games. WSOP is an online game which allows you to play against other real-life players. One requirement for these kinds of games is the cloud-based database. So, unless you hack into WSOP servers, tinkering with the phone app won’t produce extraordinary results.

So, is there a way that’s actually working?

It’s funny you should ask, because…

Yes, there is!


We found this way while doing research for this article. As we mentioned, it worked 100% of the time while other tutorials did not.

Even those tutorials that showed working hacks, most only worked once. Or they worked only on certain devices.

This tutorial shows a perfect solution.

Naturally, we were curious to find out why it worked. What was so special about this type of a hack, that made all others obsolete.

The key is that it’s not a done-for-you trick you set up and forget. Which, as we discussed, is pointless on an online game.

Instead, as the tutorial shows your actions combine into a nicely shaped system. A system that:

  • Removes the possibility of a human error
  • Maximizes the gathering of every available coin.

So, if you were expecting a way to bet $1,000,000 every hand… Sorry. That’s just not possible due to the nature of the app.

Instead, this specific hack is about playing with a bot. It’ll do some actions for you, so you don’t have to. In other words, it will save up chips while you’re not playing and once you load the app, you have piles of cash.

But just to be sure you understand, if you lose every hand, the bot won’t help much. Eventually, you will lose all your chips and will be forced to take a time out.

So before we start, check the rule book for poker, ok?

Magic Tool to get ALL the free WSOP chips

Now you know what the hack is all about. Isn’t it clever? Instead of working against the system (which always fails), now you get to ride the wave of free coins BECAUSE of the system.

free every 4 houPlaytika is an experienced game developer. They have caught code generators, .apk patches, various other hacks, tips, tricks, and everything in between.

This, while NOT impossible, is certainly quite hard to disable.

This bot will:

  • Collect free coins you can get every 4 hours
  • Log you into all free poker tournaments
  • Share the game to collect free coins from friends
  • Play for you in the Poker Recall memory games for big jackpot prizes
  • And more.

The bot is still being improved, but you get the idea. It does the heavy lifting for you.

So, once again, here’s the WSOP free chips page. Use it to get free chips for yourself and share it with your friends.


We are sure that many players will be ecstatic about a WSOP free chips hack that is finally working. Even though eventually Playtika is likely to catch on, there’s still some good news.

The way this hack works is very easy to replicate. Even at one point it stops working, someone is bound to release another just like it.

So, if the url is not working, hold tight. We’re doing the best to find another working hack.